Copywriting and Content writing that works

The ‘no-compromise’ approach to developing effective words

No compromise.  That’s the approach you will find as a client of The Great Writer.  Your content and copy has to be perfect.  We write based on our own high quality standards and offer contract writing and outsourced writing that reflects a higher standard.  There should be no doubt in your mind that you hired the perfect copywriter or content developer for your project.

So your first question has to be; what makes you different than the other ten-thousand writers out there?  Fair question.

We do have a niche and we are a powerful ally for your needs within that niche. K. Richard Douglas, the founder and chief copy and content writer for The Great Writer is a former Marketing Manager and sales trainer.  His extensive knowledge of what produces sales and what persuades people to act is what makes the difference. He is also a former principal and knows the financial services industry and financial products as few writers could.

Has your copywriter ever closed a sale?

Copywriters are supposed to be able to produce writing that sells.  Very few can claim that they have made more than 1000 sales personally. Richard can make that claim.  He has closed more than 1000 sales personally and has taught others to do the same.  Through careful use of a needs/benefits approach, Richard was successful at turning prospects into clients.  His writing achieves the same goal.

We can give your business the best public face

Your writing requirements may go beyond selling a product or service.  You may need to build your brand and enhance your public image. That is another specialty of The Great Writer. We are here to put the best public face on your company, service or product.  In the finest PR sense, we will convey any message you need or want to the public through carefully crafted words.

Hire The Great Writer today and get the results that meet your goals

Good copy writing always includes a call to action and we would be remiss if we passed on that opportunity here.  So here goes………contact us today, don’t wait another minute, and start enjoying the many benefits of effective copy writing or content today.

The Great Writer can do it all for you without compromise.  (contact)